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How long did the 1963 Big Freeze last?
؟How long did the 1963 Big Freeze last?

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  • Winter of 1962–1963 in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia The near-freezing temperatures meant that the snow cover lasted for more than two months in some areas. Snow was 6 inches (0.15 m) deep in Manchester city ...
  • The Big Freeze of 1963: One of the coldest winters on record | Royal Meteorological Society On Dartmoor, 6,000 animals went without food for four days until helicopters could drop supplies. This snow set the scene for the next two months, as much of ...
  • UK deep freeze recalls winter of 1963 when snow lasted until March - The Guardian The first frost-free day was 6 March 1963. The thaw brought floods. However, in Sussex some snow did survive into May but it was all gone by ...
  • Memories of the Big Freeze of 1963: When winters were real winters | ITV News Anglia Snow on the ground for 60 days and temperatures barely above freezing for three months - that was the record-breaking winter of 1963.
  • The big freeze of 1963 remembered - BBC News South Today has taken a look back in its archives at the winter of 1963 when a cold spell gripped the UK for several months.
  • The Big Freeze 1963: when was the UK's worst winter weather, how cold was it - and when is Winter '63 on TV? - National World It impacted the whole of the UK for the three months following Boxing Day of 1962. Advertisement. Advertisement.
  • Call the Midwife: the real history behind the Big Freeze of 1963 - Radio Times How long did it last? ... The snow blanketed the country for up to two months in some parts, thanks to the below freezing temperatures (the ...
  • The Big Freeze of 1963 when it was so cold the sea froze in Kent It was called the Big Freeze and became the coldest winter for 200 years and the third coldest on record - only 1683/84 and 1739/40 were worse.
  • Big Freeze 1963: How the worst winter in 200 years cut off north communities for weeks The Big Freeze of 1963 choked the north of Scotland with its icy grip for 10 weeks, cutting off communities and causing travel chaos.