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Who is the weird guy in American Horror Story?
؟Who is the weird guy in American Horror Story?

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  • Jimmy Darling | American Horror Story Wiki - Fandom Jimmy Darling is the illegitimate son of Dell Toledo and Ethel Darling. He is a character in Freak Show portrayed by Evan Peters.
  • American Horror Story: The 10 Freakiest and Creepiest Characters Ever, Ranked Kai Anderson · Dandy Mott · The Addiction Demon · Delphine LaLaurie · Michael Langdon · Bloody Face/Dr. Thredson · Papa Legba · Arthur Arden.
  • 'American Horror Story: Asylum': How Naomi Grossman became Pepper | In this funny, sassy exclusive essay to, actress Naomi Grossman explains her transformation from a pretty, comedic actress to mischievous ...
  • American Horror Story: NYC finally reveals Big Daddy's identity | The only characters who seemingly escaped Big Daddy, at least in the time we're given on screen, are Adam, who starts to give a speech at Gino's ...
  • Larry - American Horror Story Guide - IGN Larry Harvey, played by Denis O'Hare, seems to be one of the few *living* people on this show that knows the evil of the house. Larry used to live in.
  • American Horror Story's 10 Creepiest Characters, Ranked - CinemaBlend Lance Riddick's Papa Legba is one of my favorite characters that this show has ever delivered, as he's a bizarre soul-collecting amalgamation of ...
  • Joe Mantello as Gino | AHS: NYC on FX Joe Mantello stars as "Gino" in American Horror Story: NYC.
  • American Horror Story Characters Who Look Completely Different In Real Life - YouTube Ryan Murphy is known to use a lot of the same actors ...